Roasted Garlic Pork Chops


Ok so I pretty much make these once a week.  They are one of the easiest things that I make and yet they are just to die for!  With these you will definitely want to grill.  Also you will want this Char Crust Seasoning that just makes this dish perfect, which we carry all te time.  We have a few different flavors, but I would suggest to get the Roasted Garlic Peppercorn (it’s one of our best selling dry rubs).  You will also want some good pork chops too!  We carry fresh pork chops from buckhead beef and they are pack 2 to a package and each chop is 6 oz each.  They are a very good price and perfect for a couple 🙂

Roasted Garlic Pork Chops Ingredients:

Pork Chops

Char Crust-Roasted Garlic Peppercorn

Robert’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  1.  Start your grill up on a medium high heat-your wanting to get the temperature to 400 degrees.
  2.  Take the pork out of the package and rub down with some oil on both sides.
  3.  Now season generously with the Char Crust on both sides.
  4.  Once grill has gotten to the 400 degrees throw the pork chops on.
  5.  Now set timer for 3 minutes and flip.
  6.  3 more minutes and done! IMG_5148

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